2017 ALL VALLEY RV & OUTDOOR SHOW - Mercedes, Texas

Thursday, January 12th Ė Saturday, 14th ... OPEN to the Public, 9 am Ė 5 pm

Application for booth space:
Filling out this form is for the purpose of submitting your preferences and DOES NOT constitute a signed contract. Use the form below to tell us about your company and your booth preferences. Download and complete a contract form, then mail a signed copy with payment to:

Attn: Salome Welliver
All Valley RV & Outdoor Show - TRVA
C/O Office
2421 S Conway Ave.
Mission, TX 78572

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To make payment by credit card, call: 816-447-6092
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Inside Booth (10x10)  [members $350]  [non-members $500]

Outside Booth Space (12x40)  [members $325]  [non-members $450]

Arena Space (12 x 40)(480ft)  [members $275]  [non-members $600]

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1. Installation and Dismantling of Exhibits and RVís and other displays: Installation of all booths and units must be completed 1 hour prior to show opening . RVís can start moving in on Monday and booths will be available to set up after 12 PM on Wednesday prior to show starting on Thursday. Exhibitor agrees not to dismantle booth(s) prior to 3:15 PM on Saturday. Exhibit Booths must occupied at all times during show hours.

2. Security: TRVA will provide security after show hours. Exhibitors need to provide their own booth security during the show hours. IN NO EVENT does Lessor assume liability for loss or damage by any cause. Exhibitor is solely responsible for the safe keeping of its property at all times.

3. LIABILITY AND INDEMNITY shall indemnify and hold the: Neither TRVA , management or anyone working for them, shall be liable for any injury to person or property from any cause. The exhibitor on whose leased space or through whose fault or neglect said injury shall have occurred shall indemnify and hold the lessor harmless against any claim arising out of such injury

4. Insurance: It is recommended by the lessor that the exhibitor protect himself fully with regard to any property loss through fire or physical damage as a result of this exhibit. The Lessor assumes no responsibility whatsoever in connection with such losses or in connection with injury to the employees of Exhibitor. Contact your insurance company for a binder to cover your exhibit. Your insurance binder should cover your products and liability in the event anyone is injured as a result of your exhibit. A copy of your binder or a signed HOLD HARMLESS INDEMNIFICATION FORM MUST BE SUBMITTED PRIOR TO SET-UP AT SHOW.

5. SOUND DEVICES & MEDIA VIDEOS: The use of sound devices and video players is allowed as long as it doesnít disturb adjacent exhibitors. Lessor reserves the right to restrict exhibitors from using sound devices or any other undignified methods of attracting attention that interfere with the best interests of the exhibitors as a whole.

6. SHOW ACTIVITIES: Exhibitors must confine their operation to their allotted exhibit space. Circulars or advertising material may be distributed only from the Exhibitors booth and perimeters.

7. SUBCONTRACTING & BOOTH SHARING: This agreement shall not be assigned and no rights granted to the Exhibitor in this agreement, shall be subcontracted and or transferred to another party without a written request and permission from Show Management. Booth sharing is not permitted unless approved by management.. If approved, there is a surcharge of $200.00 per additional company.

8. Floor plan: TRVA Management reserves the right to adjust the Final Floor Plan if necessary; however, Lessor will make every attempt to accommodate all exhibitors booth requests.

9. FUND RAISING & RAFFLES: Fund raising activities and or raffles are strictly prohibited unless prior written consent is obtained from the TRVA Management. All approved drawings for prizes and or giveaways must be completed by 3:00 PM on last day.

10. PAYMENTS & CANCELLATIONS: All payments are non-refundable

11. BADGES: Will be supplied by TRVA and will be available on Set Up Day.


Download a printable Rules and Regulations

Download a printable Contract Form