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Please share your experiences about living along the US - Mexican border area of the RGV ...

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(Sept 3, 2014) Ruth said:
I love the Rio Grande and spend most of the year here. My husband and I have been coming here since 2006 and we have never encountered any problems. We live in a fenced, gated community, and feel very safe when we are out and about throughout the Valley. The cost of living is less expensive than anywhere else, the people are the most friendly of anywhere we've lived, we feel safe traveling to Progresso, and we get all of our dental work done there. There are lots of activities and events going on year round here. You never have to shovel snow or worry about falling on the ice in the winter months. The is a magical area in which to live.

(July 3, 2013) Teddi Wheeler said:
My husband and I retired to Brownsville 11 years ago now. We've had no problems whatsoever. We bought a mobile home in a really nice park in north Brownsville and were very happy here until he passed away 5 years ago. I still remain in the mobile we bought together and love the park where I live. Dangers such as the ones that exist in South Texas also exist all over the country. As anywhere else, you just don't go where it is less safe. So come on down and make your winter home with us - we'd love to have you!

(June 27, 2013) Suzan said:
My husband and I have been coming to the valley since 2005. You hear of bad things going on but we have never encountered any issues. Where in this country can you go that there is no violence. Arizona has problems, but people go there. Florida is filled with crime. We are relatively quiet in the valley. As with all towns, you learn there not to go and when not to go. We all go to Nueve Progesso, which is just across the border. We have some good times there. I feel safer down here in our park then in many other places that we have visited.

(June 25, 2013) Ruth Dearinger said:
We were just in Progresso last Saturday (June 22nd) and had a great time. We went to the Dentist for our semi-annual teeth cleaning where they do a much better job of cleaning our teeth than we ever got in the United States at our dentists. The Dentist does the work himself and takes much greater time and care than in the U.S. We always feel very safe there. We go in the daytime, use our brains and come back before dark. No problems ever when we have gone to Mexico.

(June 24, 2013) Sharon Vanderpool said:
I have lived in the Rio Grande Valley since the late 70's. I had an option more than once to move from the Valley to Florida or into Missouri. I could not do it. I had fallen in love with the Valley. The people here are very family oriented and the love they have for each other rubs off on you the longer you are here. Most of the Winter visitors live in mobile home communities or in private communities that include activities, trips that are available, crafting, woodworking, shuffleboard, cards and game rooms, bike rides (both pedal and motorcycle). The friendships that are made are such beautiful and lasting ones. What an ideal way to spend your retirement; around people that are your age and have like interests. I go to Nuevo Progresso, Mexico on a regular basis. The people are friendly, ready to help you park, serve your needs. The dentists in this small Mexican town are well known. In fact, I know of at least one person who flies in from another state to have their dental work done. Many people walk across the short bridge from the US side to the Mexican side. There are covered walkways on the bridge. Personally, I drive across. I have never had a problem and at times a group of ladies and I head over to pick up things as well as stop in at one of the most popular places in Nuevo Progresso and that is the "bakery". They don't just serve breakfast but also meals at lunch. You eat and shop and enjoy your day. Those who have been raised in the Valley call the city of Nuevo Progresso, "Las Flores" which means "The Flowers". It is a bright, beautiful, and friendly place The Rio Grande Valley also offers something for everyone. From birds, to wildlife, to butterflies and dragonflies we have it all. The birding centers throughout the Valley are plentiful. I personally love Quinta Mazatlan in McAllen. I have been there several times it is beautiful. The beach and ocean are not far away. Such a warm and wonderful place to be in the winter. I would recommend "my" Valley to everyone.

(June 24, 2013) Anonymous said:
@Mike Nelson --- Thanks Mike, it is good to see the opinion of one who speaks from such experience ... "Mexico" Mike Nelson is the authority on driving, spas and living and working in Mexico. "He coaxes visitors onto roads less traveled, to spots less obvious,than the beach resorts" -- The New York Times

(June 24, 2013) Mike Nelson said:
It would be disingenuous to deny that there are occasional incidents of cartel violence in Reynosa or Matamoros. Since few Winter Texans go to those cities, it is a moot point. 'Los Winters' as they are called in Mexico go mainly to Nuevo Progreso for inexpensive dental care of medicines. Only once in recorded history was there an incident in NP, and that was years ago. I send hundreds of Winter Texans each year to dentists in N.P. and two of my clients were there the one day there was trouble. They spoke only of the kindness of the residents who took them in until it was safe to leave. N. Progreso is safe, perhaps safer than any town in the USA. Thousands of Winter Texans walk or drive across the border to eat, drink and make merry and get medicines every season. Never, ever, has anyone been threatened, harmed or made to feel uncomfortable. Never. Some people think that 'pistoleros' are waiting behind every bush. Never once has a winter visitor been harmed in any of our border towns. You are of no interest to these bad guys. Even in Reynosa and Matamoros, gunfights are between the cartels and the army. The chances of your being in the wrong place at the wrong time is about like your chance of getting in a gunfight between USA cops and criminals. Those happen every day in the USA. Houston has several daily. Are you afraid to go to a school in the USA, to a marathon in Boston, to Times Square or ride the subway in New York City, to go to a Wal-Mart or McDonalds in just about any small town? I could go on, but if you are intelligent, you get the point. Random violence is rampant in the USA. Yet some people ignore the facts and contribute to the hysteria about Mexico being dangerous. I live on the border. I cross the border monthly for my medicine and pet medicine. I drive 5,000 miles a year through all Mexico. I have been doing this for 30 years. I help people plan trips to Mexico. Not once have I, or any of my clients, felt uncomfortable. So who are you going to believe - someone who has never been to Mexico parroting media propaganda or someone who truly knows what he is talking about?

(June 24, 2013) Russ Piper said:
I have lived in the Valley for several years and find the area to have a lot of rural town feel to it. The weather is awesome during the winters, nothing beats sitting down in the pool on Christmas Day drinking your eggnog and watching the palm trees swaying in the breeze. The cost of living is very reasonable and when budgets are tight the Valley is the place to be.

(June 24, 2013) Rod said:
My wife and I have lived in the Rio Grande Valley since 1999. We moved here from KC, MO. There are several reasons we chose to stay in the RGV, mainly climate, cost of living and close proximity to South Padre Island and Mexico. During the past 14 years we have seen the same reports as the rest of the world regarding violence among the drug cartels along the "Border Region". I have to chuckle when I hear people say "It's too dangerous to go down there" because I can remember the same kind of reports regarding "drive by shootings" and "gang violence" in Kansas City and other cities in the US. Even in rural areas where pot farms and meth labs are, you hear the same type of reports. I conclude that it is not an "area" that is dangerous, but drug trafficking that is dangerous. It is my opinion that if you are involved with the illegal drug trade, you are not safe anywhere. If you are not involved with this type of activity, you are as safe here as you are there. In conclusion, I suggest that as you consider where to spend your vacation time or your retirement years, make your decision based on an areas overall appeal, not on "over hyped" reports from the media.